Who We Are

EcoStructive is an independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists, working across every aspect of Design-Modeling-Engineering. Together we help our clients solve problems in most cost efficient and smartest way.

EcoStructive has evolved to provide construction management services at all stages on turn key basis to parallelly monitor or collaborate reducing risks and safety, creating value for our clients that help them save cost and time on high value projects.

EcoStructive Provides Industry Standards technology enhancement to your projects growing insights on carrying it forward minimizing risk efficiently. We provide end to end construction solutions on turnkey basis in pay as you go model.

Principles of Our Work

  • We help enhance monitoring and decision making capabilities
  • We help to reduce risk of errors by planning
  • Our Cost estimations are accurate
  • Iterations of design is doable w.r.t actual restructuring
  • Detailing of drainage, electricity, ventilation are well thought


Construction Managment
Facility Maintenance
Mining Infrastructure
Pavement Preservations